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Or, if you have a couple of years to kill, mail the documents in and wait. Actually, the easiest way to get the to update their record is to re-enter the UK and, when you're flagged, go over it all with the officer and get them to do it for you. The only reason they think that is because they lost the record of them extending my student visa.

If the border agent couldn't find any evidence for my biometric card existing, I don't know how to prove that it exists. Its weird but AFAIK you have to follow British immigration rules since your husband has a British passport However if he was a British citizen living in france for example you would have had the right to join him in France as the EU rules supercede the country rules.

Once the spouse gets the EU residence card they can then live anywhere in the EU including the UK!!!!!

Yeah, the problem will be that their records show you as an overstayer.

Last year, they held my new passport for FIVE MONTHS after I applied to get my residency stamp in it. While petitioning to get my passport back, I was told that they had a backlog of 250,000 outstanding visa claims. This might help: Last month, I went to Norway without my biometric card.

On my return, they were able to look up my details and retrieve my fingerprints without the card, and so let me back into the country.Or I could inform the UKBA what happened and hope that this was an isolated incident because of this particular border agent's incompetence. UKBA has been a shambles recently and is to be abolished, not that I expect that to improve anything.Unfortunately your experience was not an isolated incident.My initial student visa was stamped into my passport, my extension was sent to me as a new biometric ID card, which I no longer have since it expired in a few years ago.In July 2011, I entered the UK to attend my graduation ceremony without any problems.It took about a week of phoning during working hours and hanging on through a menu system for at least 20 minutes each time before I got to speak to someone who had any idea of what to do.Assuming you have a US passport, even if you are not entering on the basis of a student visa (which you shouldn't if you are just visiting your husband), you are able to enter UK visa free?I'm surprised they couldn't do that with you - even if your card had expired, they might have your details still on the database?I haven't had much luck contacting UKBA - when they sent me the barcode for my biometric card application, it wouldn't scan at the local biometric registration post office so I had to arrange an appointment at their office in Govan, Glasgow (as it turned out - nobody knew that at first).Plus - if your husband is British, surely under EU law you have a RIGHT as a family member to enter any EU country? I wasn't trying to enter on a student visa, since my student status ended back in 2011. Basically UKBA was on the verge of denying me entry because they thought I overstayed my student visa back in 2010.The only reason they think that is because they lost the record of them extending my student visa.


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