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Is Vanderbilt a good fit for someone who has an interest in creative writing, even if only for a minor ?

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The summer after the first year, there is summer support money available for MFAs attending conferences, workshops, etc.

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There is also funding available to support MFA students who have papers or presentations accepted at other professional and/or academic conferences. In exchange for travel and room and board, our MFAs served as interns, and gave a poetry reading from their work. KD: We are still a very young program – have only graduated six classes, I think. We make a conscious effort to provide opportunities to students for experience doing different kinds of work with their skills and interests as writers, in the hopes that this may help prepare them for a changing and unpredictable job market.Her poems, which have been anthologized in a number of publications, have appeared in journals such as Robin Tung: What does the MFA committee look for in potential students?Kate Daniels: More than anything else: Excellent writing; plus, a strong sense of the applicant’s reading life; evidence of involvement with contemporary literature; some sense of the applicant’s dedication to writing and reading, and why he or she has made the choice to attend an MFA program.Together with supplementary books, materials, and free-association, I guide the student through his or her own mental process to facilitate the expression of an idea; concept or theses.In addition to assigning homework or improvements for the student to work on his/her own piece offline, I help him/her revisit the manuscript with fresh eyes and rework the draft into a presentable, well reasoned document.We average from 650-700 applicants, more applying in fiction than in poetry. We admit six, bring them, fully funded, to campus in March to visit and meet students and faculty.We have a wait list, ranked, in each genre, and we stay in very close contact with these people throughout the process.In the case of a scholarly work, I help with the appropriate form for citations and asterisks. On social media and for those who are more familiar, I'm Tamari.Lessons of one hour to 90 minutes in length are recommended. We all learn in different ways; some are more visual; others, auditory; some, kinesthetic--I combine a number of different modalities in my teaching, including direct feedback-teaching--once you learn a concept or skill, teach it, as soon as you possibly can, to someone else!RT: Does the program have certain stylistic leanings?KD: Our stylistic leanings can be determined by reading the work of faculty authors.


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