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Many were built from timber and often represent the earliest form of permanent structure in many cultures.Types include the Neolithic long house of Europe, the stone Medieval Dartmoor longhouse which also housed livestock, and the various types of longhouses built by different cultures among the indigenous peoples of the Americas.The free Facts Files and Fact sheets provide interesting, amazing, fun facts and information, together with pictures, photos and a fun video.

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Specifications: Overall Length: 52" Hawk Length: 9 5/8" Primary Edge: 10 1/3" Steel: 1055 Carbon Weight: 4 Lbs. Hickory Viking Axe Cold Steel has been a long time believer in the ferocious cutting power of a well-designed Viking Axe.

Until recently, we lacked the technical ability to make one to our satisfaction.

They sent armies to Britain about the year 700 AD to take over some of the land, and they lived here until around 1050.

Even though the Vikings didn’t stay in Britain, they left a strong mark on society – we’ve even kept some of the same names of towns.

The mead hall was generally the great hall of the king.

As such, it was likely to be the safest place in the kingdom.

It is late m­orning at a monastery on the coast of Ireland. From the shore comes a cry of alarm -- dragon boats have appeared on the horizon, approaching quickly with wind filling their sails.

The Vikings came from all around Scandinavia (where Norway, Sweden and Denmark are today).

They grew up from childhood able to use ships for fishing and travelling.

A big Viking longship would be about 30 metres long and were made from overlapping planks of oak wood joined together with iron rivets (bits of metal hammered into holes). Sea-chests were used to sit on when rowing and to store personal belongings.


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