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 Entrepreneurship  Intrapreneurship  Act of stating a new venture  Offering new products by an existing company In USA Public Limited Companies may have ______ Director/s  1  2  3  4 Which one of the following is an important source of idea generation due to their familiarity with the needs of market? An entrepreneur’s primary motivation for starting a business is m.  Existing products and services  Distribution channels  Federal government In which of the following situation the company is considered to be on breakeven point?

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 No Profit no lose  Profits are higher then expenses  Expenses are higher then profits  None of the given options Which of the following shows the example of collateral?

 Real State  Shares  Tangible property  All of the given options The difference in the entrepreneurial and managerial domains has contributed towards an increase interest in:  Forming new firms  Partnership  Intrapreneurship  Private firms Which of the following is NOT a requirement of Disclosure Document? Hindrance for going in the international business is known as a.

 Risk  Profit  Market  Competitors An entrepreneur doing business within the national border is called:  International entrepreneurship  Intrapreneurship  Domestic entrepreneurship  Imports A typical inventor is usually ________________________.

 Highly creative & in love with the invention  Does not encourage change  Willing to modify the invention in order to augment commercial benefit  None of the given options According to the governing bodies of common laws, the life of trade secret is:  12 years  17 years  20 years  As long as it remains confidential A contract must be signed by:  At least one party  Both the parties  Not necessary to sign  By third party Selling goods to another country by taking care of transactions is called:  Indirect exporting  Direct exporting  Importing  Management contract Which of the following is alternatively called corporate venturing?

 Pharmaceutical  Service venture  Online venture  Auto industry Which of the following is the previous name of SME?

 SPCC  SMEDA  SBFC  FMBC The entrepreneur’s_______________ depends on his perception of the opportunity.  Parking  Access from roadways to facility  Delivery rates  All of the given options An actor and a person who managed large project were termed as the entrepreneur in the _________.  Earliest period  Middle ages  17th century  19th and 20th century Which of the following usually is NOT deducted to the salaries?  Provident fund  Income Tex  Insurance  Zakat LLC is more flexible than  S Corporation  Limited Partnership  Sole Proprietor  All of the above Which of the following is NOT an example of collecting primary data?  Internet  Focus Group  Interview  Observation Which two work environments should be good for spawning the new enterprises?  Depreciation  Cash account  Wages & Salaries  Utilities account Which one of the following is a barriers to new product creation and development? Is the combination of firms in successive stages of production f. a) Resources b) Cos t c) Cost and risk of a project d) Profit 5.  Trial and error  Opportunity parameter  Opportunity cost  Intrapreneurship culture Targeting the market consists of ______ Procedures  1  2  3  4 Which one of the following is important for international business to avoid trade barriers? Is the combination of firms that produce closely related projects in same area g. _______________ involves having a foreign purchaser in the local market or using an export management firm.  Finance and marketing  Finance and R&D  Marketing and R&D  Marketing and IT Which one of the following should consider in economy while conducting environmental analysis?  GNP  Disposable income  Unemployment  Channel of distribution __________ is commonly used to measure the short-term solvency of the venture?  Commitment to opportunity  Commitment of resources  Control of resources  Strategic orientation Which of the following are the key factors for choosing the type of financing? NAFTA stands for: a) North American Free Trade Agreements b) North Asian Free Trade Agreements c) National Asian Free Trade Agreements d) National American Free Trade Agreements 2.  Availability of funds  Assets of the venture  Prevailing interest rates  All of the above options The difference between the value of a country’s imports and exports over time is called:  Deficit exports  Deficit imports  Balance of payment  Balance of debt Licensing is a significant marketing strategy to:  Use intellectual property of others  Pirate others’ patents  Grow the business in new markets  Control the costs The _________ plan should contain control points to ascertain progress. The factor______________ is probably the most prevalent reason for mergers.


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