What Is An Action Research Proposal

The question I am repeatedly asked, “Where will I find the time and expertise to develop valid and reliable instruments for data collection?

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The desire of teachers to use approaches that “fit” their particular students is not dissimilar to a doctor's concern that the specific medicine being prescribed be the correct one for the individual patient.

The ability of the action research process to satisfy an educator's need for “fit” may be its most powerful attribute.

Thus, selecting a focus, the first step in the process, is vitally important.

Selecting a focus begins with the teacher researcher or the team of action researchers asking: The second step involves identifying the values, beliefs, and theoretical perspectives the researchers hold relating to their focus.

For example, if teachers are concerned about increasing responsible classroom behavior, it will be helpful for them to begin by clarifying which approach—using punishments and rewards, allowing students to experience the natural consequences of their behaviors, or some other strategy—they feel will work best in helping students acquire responsible classroom behavior habits.

Once a focus area has been selected and the researcher's perspectives and beliefs about that focus have been clarified, the next step is to generate a set of personally meaningful research questions to guide the inquiry.

The purpose of action research in teaching and learning is to refine one’s pedagogy (instructional strategies) in order to improve student learning.

Student learning is measured affectively, cognitively, and behaviorally based on clearly defined student learning outcomes.

Seeing students grow is probably the greatest joy educators can experience.

When teachers have convincing evidence that their work has made a real difference in their students' lives, the countless hours and endless efforts of teaching seem worthwhile.


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