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We see the woman's gleeful face as she tries on her new lovely white coat. After five minutes of nothing he sticks his head down the hole to find the rabbit and dog playing cards. That same woman buys her white coat and approaches the wet black bench. A woman places a tin in her trolley and turns to fetch another.We cut to a scene of a park keeper painting a bench black... he's painting the bench black by the zebra enclosure in a zoo. The comedy is in the anticipation and expectation as we build up to the inevitable moment where she sits on the wet black bench in her new white coat and ends up with black stripes across her back. While she is not looking, her trolley rolls away sideways.She tells the shop keeper she has dreamed of wearing it for months and been saving up.

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Irony is where the opposite of what is expected happens or where someone says the opposite of what they mean.

The lack of harmony between something that is expected and the reality (so if you moved jobs from being a dustman to being in a bank but were being paid less then some would point out a certain irony.) sarcasm is where an insult or quick remark is fired at someone with the intention of causing injury.

Tragedy involved big important characters (usually falling from grace).

It would often end badly and would explore high themes of power and betrayal etc.

(I once heard a very funny stand up comedian come out with: "Suppose you're a fish...

(pause) how the f*** you suppsoed to get to the airport? (pause) They don't make rivers go that way." Probably the most mysterious part of performance comedy.

What one person finds funny another might cringe at.

One thing worth noting is that when analysing comedy and what is funny, it is almost like it is only visible out of the corner of your eye. Why does this reaction force us to convulse and make that noise? There is no simple answer to why something is funny...

We laugh a knowing laugh as we recognise the age old problem of shopping trolleys rolling sideways.

The original meaning of the word comedy was merely a dramatic play that was the opposite of tragedy.


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