Why I Wanna Be A Teacher Essay

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Pretend that they have never been in a classroom, or even heard of a school!

Okay, maybe you don’t have to go quite that far—but be aware of when you’re dipping into terminology that isn’t universal, and provide context where needed.

This is the kind of essay our screening team loves to see.

More importantly, it’s the kind of story that donors want to read: a story about how giving some of their time, attention, and money to a passionate teacher’s idea will make a difference for their students.

Your donors will be joining you and your students on a journey, getting a glimpse inside your classroom and watching it transform as your new resources arrive.

Why I Wanna Be A Teacher Essay

You can give them a preview of that journey in your essay by using compelling language and a narrative.And maybe get that the conflicts underpinning these cases continue today? Just because I'm a teacher doesn't make me infallible as a sifter and sorter of "important" information. Every teacher has had the experience of handing back to a student a piece of work that merited a lower grade than the student was expecting and getting the comment, freighted with frustration and disappointment, "But I worked so hard on this." Probably so. And what about a science teacher who agonizes about whether she should consider grammar and syntax when grading lab reports? No matter how hard you try, you realize there's a good chance you're grading some students more harshly than they deserve, and giving others more credit than they deserve.But isn't the product of the work, not the effort itself, what the teacher must judge? This doesn't have anything to do with favoritism (a whole other problem), but with human error and weakness.Who cares about Supreme Court cases from 200 years ago?Isn't it enough to understand the contemporary state of American federalism?Concerns about whether our tests gauge what students know.As teachers, we think we're clear about signaling to our students what we want them to pay special attention to -- what facts, concepts, frameworks they should focus on in their studying. When we pose an essay question about, say, Mc Culloch v.I don't believe I ever worked harder or longer hours than I did in my first year of teaching high school -- and that includes my graduate school years and my first years of teaching at the college level.After that first or second year, the workload becomes more manageable, but the hardest -- and, to me, most stressful and distressing -- part of the job remains: grading students' work.I have lots of friends who are teachers and professors.Their tweets and Facebook status updates when they're in the midst of grading provide glimpses into minds on the edge of the abyss -- and, in some cases, already deranged.


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