Writing Numbers In A Paper

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In the section below, we will go over a few of the ‘common rules’ that the general population of writers agree on.

We learned earlier that there really are no black and white rules when it comes to deciding whether or not to write out numbers numerically or to spell them out phonetically.

If that were the case, and you were choosing to write out the numbers one to one hundred five (105), it would look like this: Another area where people struggle is determining the best (or most commonly accepted) way to write out dates and years.

There are multiple reasons for this; first, the format that people use when writing out the date varies from country to country.

This style allows all quantities to be expressed in a similar manner.

In addition, numerals have greater visual distinctiveness than words; it increases the profile of quantities in running text.The exception to this comes from those following a specific citation style (MLA or APA, for examples) in these instances, you would follow the formatting guidelines outlined in the style book.Here are a few to help you: As we learned earlier, there really is no ‘must follow rule’ when it comes to spelling out numbers phonetically, however, best practices would tell us that it is advisable to write out numbers in words when they are: Most prefer to spell out numbers phonetically only until number nine and after one million. What if you had to spell out numbers all of the time?Take the APA Style Diagnostic Quiz to test your knowledge.This week my 11-year-old daughter had an assignment on writing numbers.Second, people struggle with comma placement when it comes to writing the date.has an excellent blog article on how to best write the date.I'm guessing that my daughter's assignment included unusual number rules and examples because the textbook the teacher is using is simply out of date. To choose one that matches the work you do, check out my Recommended Books.Asides for a few standard guidelines, spelling out numbers rather than using numerals is largely a matter of personal preference. Ie: Don’t spell out numbers half of the time and use figures the other half, it becomes confusing for anyone who might be reading your work.You can refer to Part 1 and Part 2 in this series, for a quick recap.In this post, we will provide a simple rule of thumb and some exceptions for our biomedical authors.


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